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Malaita fisheries monitors bech-de-mer ban

12 February 2018
Beche-de-mer confiscated by the Police last year. [File Photo]

FISHERIES officials in Malaita say they’ll be on the look-out for possible illegal harvest of beche-de-mer now that the open period has closed.

Senior fisheries officer Martin Jasper warned that his office will closely monitor the all fisheries activities to ensure there’s no illegal harvest of the product.

The three-month open period the government permitted last November closed on 30 January 2018.

Mr Jasper said his office is aware those in the Malaita Outer Islands are expected to sell their final harvest this month due to their remote location.

He said since beche-de-mer harvest was declare closed on 30th January, no one is allowed to harvest beche-de-mer.

“We will not allow any beceh-de-mer trading between fishermen and buyers in the country,” Mr Jasper said.

“Currently the ministry has given a grace-period for exporters who still have their stocks with them to sell out their final goods.

“After this no one is allowed to harvest and buy beche-de-mer,” Mr Jasper said.

He warned beche-de-mer buyers in Auki to pull down all notices promoting their businesses as buyers.

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