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Public applaud Boboria, call for independent studies

13 February 2018
The Gold ridge tailings dam.

Controversial findings revealed by Doctoral student from the University of the South Pacific (USP) about the presence of cyanide in sediments downstream of the mine site, prompted public to call for more independent studies.

Dickson Boboria, from East Kwara’ae is currently undertaking his Doctoral Degree at USP in Fiji.

His research findings that cyanide were found in sediments downstream of the Gold Ridge mine in Central Guadalcanal has forced the Gold Ridge Mining Limited (GRML) and their local associates to deny his findings.

Boboria stands by his findings despite GRML media denial.

The issue however, has attracted a lot of attention in the social media, where many Solomon Islanders praised Boboria and calls for more independent researches on the topic, especially on local researchers to carry out studies.

Some claimed previous studies on the downstream settlements of the mine site cannot be trusted since the results of the findings were likely to be influenced by GRML.

Some commented that nowadays, people carry out their research jobs in favour of the mining companies, because of the sum of money they get paid for, in order to hide the truth.

Solomon Islanders in the various social media forums , however demanded that more studies carried out by independent researcher is a must, to verify the facts about the presence of Cyanide spilled from the tailing dam, into the rivers and streams of Guadalcanal plains.

When contacted, Ministry of Environment told Solomon Star that there are studies currently underway, on the tailing dam and the downstream communities.

A ministry spokesperson said they cannot rule out findings from any researcher, but they will pursue more information in the current studies underway, to keep the public update of the state of the downstream environment.