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Govt communication officers end training

12 March 2018
Communication officers from various Ministries with their certificates.

Special Secretary to Prime Minister (SSPM) John Muria Junior congratulates the government communication officers for successfully attending a three days Inter-Government Information Networking workshop on Friday.

The workshop was part of the Prime Minister’s initiative to strengthen the Government communication in all ministries.

Mr Muria believes that after the workshop the communication officers will be able to create a network and openly exchange issues and provide practical solution in terms of disseminating right information to the public.

He said communication is very important and this is where the government communication officers play an important role.

He said the workshop is the first of its kind but it’s a step towards creating networking between them.

“You are the mouth piece of the government so what you do today can make a change,” he said.

Mr Muria said he is ready to receive any resolution and recommendation reached during the three days’ workshop.

One of the recommendations of being highlighted after the workshop is to a create an government communication press club.