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Kilu’ufi gets incinerator, no more open burning

12 March 2018
The New Kiluufi Hospital Medi-incinerator.


A new hospital incinerator will soon be in operation to help resolve the issue of burning hospital wastes in the open following concerns raised by a number of residents living near the hospital.

Kilu’ufi Hospital authorities in Malaita made the response in relation to a concern raised by the public about the burning of hospital waste in an open fire behind the hospital area.

The complainants urged the hospital cleaners to bury the wastes from the hospital because burning of waste causes foul odour to enter in the homes of nearby residents.

Speaking to Solomon Star on behalf of Malaita Province Health Authority, Nurse In-Charge of the Infections Control Unit Nickson Olofisau said, burning of hospital wastes in an open fire is a long time practise of the hospital.

He said so far no report of any infection cause by this practise reaches them.

However, he acknowledged the safety concerns raised by the public regarding bad odour produced from burning the clinical wastes.

He assured the Auki public that to have a proper hospital incinerator is not easy.

“It takes time to put things together to purchase this expensive equipment.”

He said Kilu’ufi Hospital has already acquired and ready to install a modern Medi-burner incinerator which will be used for burning of hospital wastes.

 He explained that the burner incinerator will be much more environment friendly, as no carbon or bad odour will be exposed to the surrounding communities  compared  to the current open burning practise.

“The Medi-burner incinerator is an electrical machine that produces high heat temperature capable of burning all kinds of clinical wastes, and will not emit either smoke or pollution. It is a more environment-friendly machine.

“At this stage we are working on arrangements to install the remaining equipment before operating Morden Medi-burning incinerator machine,” Mr Olofisau said.



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