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14 March 2018
Bradley Tovosia

Tovosia defends position


MINISTER for Mines, Energy & Rural Electrification Bradley Tovosia says he had done nothing wrong that warrants his removal from the portfolio.

He was responding to a call by Member of Parliament for North Guadalcanal Samson Maneka calling for his removal.

Mr Maneka on Tuesday called on Prime Minister Rick Hou to reshuffle Mr Tovosia to another ministry.

“Because as long as Tovosia remains at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, MDA and KTDA will reserve to cooperate with the ministry in seeing the re- opening of the mine,” Mr Maneka stated.

Maneka is the current chairman of the Metapona Downstream Association (MDA) and a member of the Kolobisi Tailing Dam Association (KTDA).

“The Mines minister’s statement in parliament is a slap in the face of the people of the downstream of the tailing dam, he seems to suggest that mining will resume regardless of the long outstanding issues I referred to,” Mr Maneka stated.

But Mr Tovosia said he had done nothing wrong that warrants his removal.

He however, explained that what he relayed in parliament regarding the expected time for gold production, which is estimated to be later this year or early next year, was according to the time-line of the company.

“It’s not something from my own imagination,” he added.

The minister said Mr Maneka is a director himself in the Gold Ridge Community Investment Limited (GCIL) so he knew everything better than anyone on the issue of Gold Ridge mine.

He added Mr Maneka is well versed with the issues of MDA and KTDA so he swallowed back all his questions asked in parliament.

Furthermore, the minister said Mr Maneka’s call for his removal does not warrant the PM or Cabinet to take action.

He added Mr Maneka should approach the chairman of GCIL Walter Naezon to explain everything to him.

He said if Mr Maneka wants to take up the position of the chairperson for the Gold Ridge sub-committee in Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) then let it be, so that he comes on board to sort out these issues.

Minister Tovosia said he was responsible for bringing in Kolobisi and Metapona Downstream into the issue when he was the chairman of the sub-committee, because they were not part of the initial arrangement.