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16 April 2018
SINU students queuing up to enter the Maranatha Hall, graduation ceremony venue.

Graduates handed empty envelops, no certificates

SOME students who graduated from the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) last Thursday have expressed disappointment after being handed empty envelopes without their certificates.

One of the students, George Gwamani, told the Solomon Star that he was disappointed with this practice.

“I opened that envelop after receiving it but there was no certificate in it,” Mr Gwamani said.

He added that this is discouraging because it’s his certificate that he wanted.

Mr Gwamani graduated with a certificate in journalism and media studies.

“We later heard from others that we will be collecting our certificates at SINU in the new week,” he said.

Some of the students said, they spent huge amounts money for the gowns and some of their parents even traveled all the way from the provinces expecting to see them graduate and receive their certificates.

To make matters worse, more than half of the graduating students, didn't even have any food during the program, after sitting for almost three hours at the program, they claimed.

A statement from SINU to those who were handed empty envelopes requested them to check the Students Academic Services office this week.

“You should have received it during the ceremony; however, we were not able to have all the certificates ready prior to the ceremony due to very late confirmation of the final list for Graduation.

“We apologize for the inconveniences caused to you.

“We will work on measures to improve such to avoid last minute preps.”