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West Guadalcanal graduating students laud help

16 April 2018
MP Moses Garu center back, with some of the 41 graduants at the event.

AN event to acknowledge graduation students under West Guadalcanal Students Association (WGCSA) and the funder was held at Marara community high school hall at Tanagai in West Honiara last Thursday.

The gathering was organized by the president and the student body.

About 41 students sponsored under West Guadalcanal have graduated last week from the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), which is a huge increase from the previous years.

During the occasion the graduands were farewelled and lauded for completing their studies.

 It was also to report to the progress of the association.

Speaking at the opening of the occasion president of the West Guadalcanal Student’s Association Francis Hautara acknowledged the major sponsor of the association Moses Garu for his continued support since becoming the Member of Parliament (MP) for West Guadalcanal constituency.

“On behalf of the graduating students and continued student of Solomon Islands National University (SINU) we are please for your great support in sponsoring our study until today.

“Your continue support make us proud today and especially this morning (Thursday) when we receive our certificates.

“Without your support some of us will not receive their certificates or even they will not register as one of the student of Solomon Islands National University (SINU),” the president acknowledged.

He also reported the number of students has been sponsor and graduated from different programs through the support of their MP has increased.

“In 2011 there were six students that graduated, 18 graduated in 2016, 26 in 2017 and 41 in 2018,” the president said

He continued that out of 41 West Guadalcanal students graduated this year, eight from Wanderer Bay ward 22 from Tangarare ward and eleven (11) from Savulei ward.

Also speaking at the occasion Mr Garu who expressed his delight for the achievement of the students.

“I’m proud and honor to witness another successful year for our graduating students especially for you who sitting here tonight.

“This year is a milestone for all of us because this year we have a highest number of graduating student in our constituency compare to the past years,” the MP said

He said, the increase of the graduates this year speak volume of their seriousness in their studies and the working together of the association.

He also challenged the student to utilize the knowledge and skills that they have learnt from the institution.

“Go out and utilize your knowledge and skills that you have learn from our very own National University.

“Today is not the end; it’s just the begging of the challenge. “Your achievement is not for nothing you are the future of our Constituency province and country,” Mr. Garu said.

He said, “it is not easy to enroll at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) which require qualifications and other requirements to be a SINU students and you are so fortunate to be accepted as a student and now the future of developing your province and country is in your hands.” 

He also thanked the parents for accepting their children to study at SINU and their great support in one way and the other especially for the years for their studies.

He also thanked the Guadalcanal provincial and the Solomon Islands government for their support in education and their respective sponsor program especially for the SIG) towards the fifty (50) Constituencies.

Other guests at the event were the SINU senior staff Chrisma Laubua, deputy principal of Marara Community High school Lucy Labu, and Assistant training officer of Guadalcanal Province Miss Abinet Talae Saelani.