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Council urged to monitor Central Market underpass

16 April 2018
Betelnut stains on the walls in the under ground tunnel crossing.

Honiara resident Jacob Ratu says the Honiara City Council (HCC) must fully carry out its responsibility to monitor the underground walkway at the central market.

Speaking to Sunday Star, Ratu said responsible employees of the HCC must always be present to monitor the movement of people using the walkway.

He said betel nut stains are seen almost everywhere on the walkway and are an eyesore.

“There are stains besides the walls inside the tunnel, on top of the ladder and as well as on the floors making the place filthy and untidy.

“I feel bad when I see the unhygienic habit of people spitting betel nut juice carelessly and I wonder if the HCC security officers are always present at the walkway to monitor people’s movement and actions when using it.

“This makes our town look filthy and depicts Solomon Islanders as careless and filthy people with no concern about maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of their capital city,” Ratu said.

He added that“ HCC security officers must do their duty at all times to keep an eye to monitor the movement of the people to make sure they adhere to HCC ordinances.

“Everyone must abide by HCC ordinances and not act in any way at all they want.

“The Central Market is in the centre of town where people expect to see clean and safe environment,” Ratu said.