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Makili: we are far from being ‘activists’

26 April 2018
Lawrence Makili

SOLOMON Islanders are far from being activists, says local activist and outspoken Honiara resident, Lawrence Makili.

Mr Makili stated this, when speaking to local Journalists, during an anti-corruption media training in Honiara, last week.

The former Honiara City Councillor said, people here are very vocal and great debaters to issues that are raised in the social media, but are reluctant to involve in demonstrations.

 “We are no way near to activism in the Solomon Islands.

“There are a lot of keyboard warriors that are good at debating with constructive ideas, statements of lengthy paragraphs.

“But whenever a serious group of individuals are calling for action, only a handful of members can be present,” the outspoken environmental campaigner said.

He added, this is the kind of attitude that makes serious issues that are raised in the public forums to be easily weakened. People are not serious enough in walking the talk.

“While other countries in the world are serious when going into activism, the Solomon Islands is lugging behind.”

Mr Makili said, when it comes to the fight against corruption in the Solomon Islands, the nation needs true activists that wanted to see real changes happening.

 He also commended Wilfred Luiramo, a young and energetic champion of the famous social media group, the Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII), for his confidence in the engagements for change.

Mr Makili is a former Regional Director of the Earth Island Institute (EII) – an environmental Campaign group, and was known for being an outspoken dolphin activist.



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