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Talented dancer snatch top award

08 May 2018
Liana Sabetian and proud mom Jillian Sabetian.

For many Solomon Islanders, dancing has been a form of entertainment especially in the modern day considered to be of foreign originals.

 The recent dance trends from youths around Honiara sometimes caused headaches for many Honiara residents witnessing the youths of today dancing in their respective groups.

However, for 18 year-old Liana Sabetian, dancing is an art she used to express a story of deep meaning. A story that not only touched the viewers hearts but also earned her one of the top dance scholarships in New Zealand.

Young Liana hails from Solomon Islands through her mother's side and is also part Iran through her father's side.

The young talented dancer spent most of her holidays in Solomon Islands and grew to love the little Island nation though she still resides in New Zealand with her parents.

The motivated young girl has started her biomedical science studies at the Auckland University after notching the dance scholarship and also receiving it from the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden on the 2nd of May.

Indeed, such talent is very special and one that receives praise from many fellow Solomon Islanders living in and around New Zealand.

"I created my dance about the slavery, the black-birding in the 1800 and that's what I talked about and got the scholarship, top of New Zealand for dance," Liana said.

This achievement alone is testimonial to this young girl's determination and passion for dancing. The parents are very happy for their young daughter and continued to support her in her passion and strive to be a professional dancer in the future.

By Alex Waimora