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Varley Clarifies Custody Death

16 May 2018
Police Commissioner Matthew Varley


COMMISSIONER Mathew Varley has clarified concerns raised in relation to the recent death of a foreign national at the Rove Correctional facility.

Mr Varley said the case is a matter for the immigration to deal with as the detention of the man is a matter for the immigration department.

“But the Police will do its investigation as the man was inside the Rove custody at the time of his death which is classified as ‘death in custody’,” he said.

He said according to their initial investigation, the man was taken into the Rove police station on the 7th of May as part of his immigration detention and it was during its early stages of the process that the diseased man fell on the floor and breathe his last.

“The man was taken to the National Referral Hospital but was later pronounced dead at the Hospital,” he added.

Mr Varley says the RSIPF sent out their condolences to his family as it was a sad and tragic occasion.

He said currently investigation is underway and they are working closely with his family and the doctors with a post-mortem.

He said it’s a difficult case but the Police role is to carryout investigation and proved a report to the magistrate coroner to determine the facts surrounding the case.