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Farmers attend integrated workshop

23 May 2018
Charles Huang speaking to the participants during the training.

MORE than 30 farmers, students and teachers of Balasuna Bible College in North East Guadalcanal attended a one day integrated workshop on Friday.

The training was organised by Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) at Balasuna.

The workshop offered knowledge on how to manage a farm to reach its maximum production in the most efficient way.

The training featured techniques on how to plant one vine in a hole, allowing for more space to form larger roots and construction of a bed instead of small mount.

This was seen as save farmers working time.

Charles Huang a TTM specialist highlighted that having a constant production to provide meal for schools is very important to ensure the farm remains busy.

Another horticulture specialist James Yu highlighted the need to anticipate the future weather, and decide which kind of vegetables they want to plant, the temperature and how rainfall will affect plant growth.

The facilitators want to make sure there are schedule inside every school agriculture teachers’ mind in improving the efficiency and success rate of planting.

As for the piggery, a safe and clean environment is crucial. A clean environment is important not only to the pigs but also to the farmers, it was highlighted.

Another TTM specialist said that a well designed piggery should contain both roof and drainage, to prevent pigs from sunburn and excretion accumulation that may attract flies.

It was also pointed out that every time someone enters a piggery, they should wear gum boot to avoid parasite.

Only healthy pigs can produce high quality and quantity pork for selling, it was noted.

TTM will continue to work together with local farmers to improve their farms to help their families to earn money for better living.