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09 June 2018
Assistant Police Commissioner, Gabriel Manelusi.

Police: death of man, 50, suspicious



POLICE are continuing their investigation into the ‘suspicious death’ of the 50-year-old man at Kaio Village in Tasimboko area, northeast Guadalcanal.

Supervising Police Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi on Thursday said the Tetere Police and the Guadalcanal Provincial Police Commander (PPC) are working very hard on this investigation.

“Our detectives are working very hard investigating this matter,” Mr Manelusi told journalist.

He said the situation on the ground is quite fragile.

Mr Manelusi added that the death is “very suspicious” which is why police appealed to the public for information to assist them in their investigation.

“I appeal to the leaders of north Guadalcanal, provincial government in Guadalcanal and church leaders to work together.

“It is very important that we work together to solve these kinds of issue so that everyone are not victimized,” he said.

Mr Manelusi also offered his condolences to the family of the deceased.

“I appeal to the family of the deceased and members of the public to work together with the police.

“It is very important to leave police to deal with these kinds of matter that was reported to them.

“Let police deal with it.”

He urged them not to take the law into their own hands and leave it to the police whom is an independent body to deal with this matter.

Communities at Tasimboko area who discovered the body of the deceased informed Tetere Police on 2 June 2018.

Police are treating the death as suspicious after finding injuries on the neck and legs of the deceased.

Police alleged the incident could have happened during the night time of 01-02 June 2018, before the body was discovered in the morning.

Anyone with any useful information can contact the Police at Tetere Station on phone number 34508 or the Henderson Police Station on phone number 36200; or contact the Police Communication Centre on 23666 or toll free line 999.