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SI Praised For Post- RAMSI Progress

11 June 2018
Prime Minister Rick Hou, being escorted by his New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Arden. [Photo Supplied]

THE Solomon Islands was praised for its efforts and progress made in the areas of economic governance and reforms to improve the country’s economy, as well as financial management in the post-RAMSI era.

This was acknowledged by the New Zealand Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Jacinda Arden when she met with Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela, during a bilateral meeting at the Government House in Auckland this week.

Acknowledging Hon. Rick Houenipwela for his experience and background in the field of economics, Rt. Hon. Arden expressed her appreciation for the Prime Minister’s efforts to bring stability since elected into office.

In response, the Prime Minister Hon. Rick Houenipwela acknowledged the support rendered by New Zealand under its bilateral aid programme, and also for the support rendered towards the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), in the past 14 years.

He further reiterated that RAMSI was a successful Mission and adding that it contributed to the restoration of law and order in the country after years of lawlessness and crisis, helped to strengthen government machinery, improved economic governance, and stabilise finances.

“For this, Solomon Islands is grateful for the support provided by New Zealand and Australia towards RAMSI,” stated Prime Minister Hon. Houenipwela.

Further, the Prime Minister also reiterated that despite the achievements made, sustaining the gains made by RAMSI remains a challenge for Solomon Islands.

He also acknowledged that ongoing support is needed and consultation and dialogue with development partners is paramount.

“A lot of work is needed, a lot work still to be done, that’s why support from the international community and friends like New Zealand is important,” he added.