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GP welcomes SPREP initiative

11 June 2018
Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke.

GUADALCANAL Province Premier Anthony Veke says that the Nature Park initiative at Barana village in Northwest Guadalcanal with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme’s (SPREP’s) support is welcoming.

Mr Veke said that under his leadership, this kind of initiative is welcoming and he really supports this.

Guadalcanal province is supporting such support and project that SPREP PEBACC is implementing here at Barana, Mr Veke said.

He added that this project is about Climate Change resilience for all communities, including the Honiara City as a whole.

It will focus on ecosystems and its services such as water, forest, good soil and the sustainability of the natural environment from impacts of Climate Change.

Premier Veke said that all these things only leads to one thing and that is the sustainability of the livelihood of the people of Barana, for now and in the future.