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Students want allowances sorted

23 June 2018

GOVERNMENT sponsored students studying at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) are calling on the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education to address their outstanding allowances.

Students demand the PS must take into consideration and act accordingly to address their semester one allowance issue.

A group of students studying at the SINU School of Business told this paper that they are now into week two of their semester break and are very disappointed with the National Training Unit (NTU) and the Ministry of Education regarding the allowance issue.

They also refuted the news published a month ago that all SINU students have received their allowance.

According to the students, only few students in year one received their allowance and more than two third are yet to receive their allowance.

“We have to sacrifice day in and day out to finance our educational expenses such as bus fare, stationary, research, internet, photocopy and printing since semester one begins on February this year from our own pocket and from the money we borrow from relatives or friends,” says one student who wants his name withheld.

“But sadly, this is not the case for all of us; others who can’t stand it have withdrawn during the semester and of some of us who continued till the end are uncertain if we will have good academic grades as required by NTU,” he reveal.

When asked if they ever bring this matter to the Ministry and NTU, the group of students responded with a yes but are unsure whether how far or serious is the Ministry and NTU are on this matter.

“Because some of us have our names been posted on the wall of the Ministry of Education for over one month now but till date no payment has been process,” he added.

“We don’t know if responsible officers within the Ministry of Education or NTU are serious about doing something regarding our long over-due allowance issue.

“To us, the long delay means only one thing and that is someone is not doing his or her job,” another student intervened.

On that note, the group of students called on the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and NTU to sort out this issue in a timely manner,so that the students can receive their much-needed scholarship allowance entitlements.