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Wales: respect service providers

25 June 2018
Deputy Malaita provincial secretary Robert Wales.

MALAITA provincial deputy secretary Robert Wales has strongly encouraged the Auki public to respect and work together with the only water service provider – Solomon Water.

He mentions this, when contributing during the Solomon Water public awareness, on the planned Auki water supply upgrading project, which will start later this year.

Mr Wales strong encourage Malaitans and members of the public to work together with service providers.

He also assured members of the public that Malaita provincial government will not accept or allow development activities to take place near the Solomon Water borehole facilities in Auki.

The former Honiara City Councillor said the borehole facilities should be kept and respected by Malaitans.

“These facilities are very important to provide water for daily usage by people living in Auki.   

“The areas or location earmarked by Solomon Water should be preserved from contamination,” Mr Wales said.

Mr Wales also encourages Malaitans to work together by advising others not to spoil or corrupt Solomon Water pipelines.

“Please advise our people to use water rightly and respect our water service provider in Auki,” he added.

Meanwhile, Solomon Star understands that the Auki water supply upgrading project is proposed to construct a new 1Ml steel liner tank. This includes 3.35x8.5mpump station with backup generator.

These will be an addition to the existing boreholes constructed by Solomon water, in the past.

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