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Preparation for UN recruits expensive

25 June 2018
Supervising Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga.

IT is an expensive progress to prepare police officers to be deployed under the United Nation (UN) peacekeeping mission overseas, says Supervising Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga.

Ms Matanga revealed this when asked by a journalist at the commissioner’s weekly conference last Thursday, whether they will be sending another group later this year on a UN peacekeeping mission overseas.

“To run work for the UN mission is not easy in the sense that it is very expensive,” Ms Matanga said.

Ms Matanga said they will be discussing if they will send another group, but it depends entirely on finance.

“We will be looking at whether we will run the work for this year or next year.”

“The whole progress is expensive,” she said.

Ms Matanga said we don’t have United Nations program in the country and therefore had to send officers away overseas so that they can do their program in order to meet the UN mission requirement.

She said not only that, but there are also other expenses where they will have to meet in particular some medications that are not in the country.

Ms Matanga added that it is one of the UN requirements.

“It is very expensive to import all those medications for them.

She further added that we don’t have some of those medications in the country.

She said they have to import those medications or if they have opportunity with other countries the officers can take those medications abroad before coming back to the country.

She however added that the UN meets the travel expenses.

“As long their travel are confirmed, the UN takes over for the air fares.

“But in preparation for first two weeks, it is the host country that sends the officers that will meet all the expenses.”