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Living by the law

25 June 2018
James Ko’una (L) with his colleague Joseph Fa’arodo (R) manning the Auki central Market. [Photo SOLOMON LOFANA]

IF you visit Auki market, you will not miss the presence of the Malaita Provincial Government active security officers, manning the market area 24 hours a day.

This has elevated the status of the Japanese million-dollar funded Auki market, to become a more secure place, where everyone can enjoy shopping for fruits and vegetables.

The guards monitored the Market area every day, to make sure that vendors and the public at-large follow all the market rules & regulations.

Meet a senior Auki market security officer James Ko’una.

Last week, the Weekend Magazine caught up with the Guard, after a whole morning of walk around the market area, trying to spot him for an interview.

There, he explained that their daily responsibility is to provide trust and security services for the market and its facilities, where vendors and public are depending much on for food.

He said that, vendors and buyers are really depending on them for their trust.

“The role of securities is to make sure the environment at the market is friendly.

“I and my colleagues always take close monitor to unusual practise that may disturb or breach the market regulation.

“Most time, we help encourage and instructed vendors and the public to follow the market regulation.

“We even help to assist visitors or new faces that are coming to Auki market.

“This is because our responsibility is to ensure that the market regulation is enforced to an exclusive standard,” Mr Ko’una said.

What most people do not really take note of was that, the Auki market does not only serve vendors from Malaita.

There are vendors from Ngella in Central Islands province, who normally travelled over to Auki at times, to sell their produces.

 This participation has created confidence and responsibility, which is meant to ensure that every vendor at the market must be treated equally and their safety is paramount at all times.

“We sometimes have farmers/vendors from Central province coming here to sell their products. We ensure that every vendor must participate freely and safely in the market place.”

“Some of them are new to Auki market rules .We teach and encourage them to participate freely in the market,” Mr Ko’una said.

There are eight securities looking after the market building. Four securities were responsible for night shift, while the other four for day shift.

This arrangement is to provide security service for vendors who are staying overnight at the market.

“We also responsible to look after vendors who decide to sleep over at the market purposely for next day selling.”

According to Mr Ko’una, the securities office at Auki market expects the public and vendors alike to abide by the market rules and regulation, which are coming from the Market’s superior, the market management.

The guard on behalf of his colleague encourages market vendors and the public to work closely with them to keep Auki market up to hygiene.

He acknowledges the responsible vendors and the public for their good behaviour and understanding, in keeping up with the rules and regulations of the Auki market.

“At this stage, we only carry duties to advice and encourage public and vendor to respect the market environment,” Mr Ko’una said.

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