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26 June 2018

* RSIPF investigates death in West
* Inmate charged for assaulting mate
* Man attacks wife, arrested
* One dead, police probe accident
* 7 youths sentenced at Kirakira
* Duo arrested for public drinking

RSIPF investigates death in West

Police in the Western province are investigating the death of a male adult while travelling on board a motorised canoe in the Roviana Lagoon on Saturday 23 June 2018.

“It is alleged that the deceased was driving the out boat motor engine on his way to Munda to pick up market vendors when he and two other male persons on board the boat nearly collided with another boat powered by a bigger OBM.

“The deceased is alleged to have fallen into the sea without the other two men realising,” said Provincial Police Commander Western Province, Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialu.

He adds: “It is alleged the deceased was under the influence of alcohol during that time and they are traveling by night time.” 

PPC Lenialu said police and divers from Munda searched for the body of the deceased during the weekend but it was not until yesterday, Monday that his body was found by people in the area.

“Investigations into this matter will continue. I call on people in the Roviana Lagoon and the province as a whole to always think about your safety when traveling at sea during daylight or at night,” said PPC Lenialu.

He urged OBM owners and drivers to think about your safety and the safety of others. Make sure your skippers are sober when traveling at sea.

“By taking these simple measures, tragedies can be avoided at sea.” 


Inmate charged for assaulting mate

A POLICE investigation has been launched following an incident of grievous harm involving two inmates which allegedly occurred at the Kirakira Correctional Centre early this month.

The alleged incident occurred on Saturday on 2 June 2018 which resulted in an inmate loosing six of his teeth after failing to win a card game.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Superintendent Peter Sitai said the incident occurred when the suspect got angry after losing a card game conducted in the compound.

Police at Kirakira are currently attending to the matter through their investigation.

PPC Sitai reported that Police have arrested the inmate suspect and was charged to appear before the Magistrate Court on 3 July 2018.

The incident allegedly occurred at the Kirakira Correctional Centre on 2 June 2018, during which an inmate in his 30s’ had allegedly assaulted another male inmate also in his 30s’, resulting in the victim losing six teeth.

Mr Sitai thanked the commandant of the Kirakira Correctional Centre for his cooperation in assisting the police investigation.


Man attacks wife, arrested

Officers at the White River Police Station have arrested and charged.

A TWENTY-two year-old male person has been arrested and charged for allegedly wounding his wife over the weekend.

The incident happened in the Tasahe area in West Honiara on Sunday 24 June 2018.

Provincial Police Commander Honiara City, Chief Superintendent Alfred Uiga said the incident occured following an argument.

“It was alleged that the couple had an argument and the accused became angry, grabbed the victim’s leg and cut it with a kitchen knife,” he said.

Mr Uiga added Police attended the scene soon after the incident was reported and assisted the victim to the National Referral Hospital where she was admitted.

“The suspect will be taken to court for a remand application,” said PPC Uiga.

“This is not a good story for us. I want to remind us, especially our men that this kind of action is against the law.

“Be reminded that police will not tolerate such unlawful behaviour and I call on people living in the Tasahe area to assist police with their investigations.

“We want to make this country a safe and peaceful place for all of us to live including our women and children,” said PPC Uiga.



One dead, police probe accident

OFFICERS at the Henderson Police Station in Guadalcanal province are currently investigating a fatal accident which resulted in the death of a man.

The accident occurred opposite Tanagai school, in North West Guadalcanal on the afternoon of Saturday, 23 June 2018.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Superintendent Nixson Manetoga confirmed the death.

He said his officers attended the accident after they received a report from the Police National Communication Centre (PCC) saying a traffic accident happened opposite Tanagai school.

“The accident allegedly happened after the deceased attempted to jump off the vehicle when he saw the vehicle going off the road as the driver was believed to be dozing off. The vehicle then hit a tree,” PPC Manetoga explained.

Superintendent Manetoga said, the victim was transported to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) where he later died.

He revealed that a suspect has been arrested in relation to the fatal accident and currently his officers are investigating the case with the help of the Kukum Traffic Centre.

 “We extend our condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased following their great loss,” PPC Manetoga conveyed their sympathy to the victim’s family.”

He appealed to vehicle owners and drivers to take care when driving on the roads.

“I strongly urge drivers not to drink and drive. Furthermore if you feel tired, then do not attempt to drive but get someone else to drive,” reiterated PPC Manetoga.



7 youths sentenced at Kirakira

THE Magistrates Court at Kirakira, in the Makira-Ulawa Province recently sentenced seven male youths after being found guilty for damaging properties and threatening students and staff at the Pirupiru community high school, on Ulawa Island.

Their sentencing was handed down by the court on Friday 21st of June.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Makira-Ulawa Province, Superintendent Peter Sitai said the Court heard that on 28 May 2018 the seven youths entered the school on Ulawa Island with bush knives and threatened the students and staff.

They also damaged school properties.

PPC Sitai explained that the defendants were sentenced as follows:

·         Two male defendants in their 20s’ were sentenced to five months imprisonment each, after being found guilty on charges of malicious damage, intimidation and criminal trespass. The sentence is to run concurrently.

·         The other five juvenile youth were bound over for the same three offences committed by the two other two defendants as they are juveniles.

He thanked his officers for successfully investigating the case and bringing the suspects to Court.

“The work is not easy but this is what members of the public expect us the Police to do to protect people in our communities from such criminal behavior.

 “Be reminded, committing offences of trespass, threatening people and damage of private and public property is illegal according to the Penal Code of Solomon Islands,” warned PPC Sitai.


Duo arrested for public drinking

Police officers at the Central Police Station, Honiara City have arrested and charged two male persons for consumption of liquor in a public place on 16 June 2018.

“The two accused were drinking outside of the Telekom Office at Point Cruz when police officers sighted them drinking what was suspected to be kwaso,” said Provincial Police Commander Honiara City, Chief Superintendent Alfred Uiga.

“Police officers apprehend them and took them to the Central Police Station where they were formally arrested and charged for the offence of consumption of liquor in a public place.”

He explained: “They were brought to the Central Magistrates Court where they pleaded guilty to the charge and were fined $500.00 each.

“They were ordered to pay the fine by 27 June 2018 and on failure to pay the fine, both men will be sent to prison.

“Consumption of liquor in public place is an offence. If you buy your beer, please go home and consume it there and do not consume it in public. There are also licensed premises where you can buy your alcohol and consume it there,” said PPC Uiga.

He added: “With the upcoming Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Festival of Arts and the 40th Anniversary of Independence, police will adopt a zero tolerance stance to anyone caught consuming alcohol in the public including in vehicles driving around in the city.

“Our capital city will be hosting both local and overseas guests in the coming weeks so the police want to ensure our community is safe from such unruly behaviour by a few members of our community,” said PPC Uiga.

“And as the FIFA World Cup is entering the elimination and the final stages, I want to strongly remind our sports loving citizens to enjoy the tournament and show respect to other members of our community when celebrating the win of your favourite teams. Celebrate within the safety of your homes,” said PPC Uiga.