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Five survive deadly fire

27 June 2018
One of the victims of the fire, recovering at the Children's Ward at the National Referral hospital.

A FAMILY has survived a deadly fire that razed down a house at Kobe village in Ngella, Central province last month.

About five people, four kids and their aunt were in the house sleeping when the fire broke out and engulfed the home.

One of the survivors, Rhoda Wale said they were fast asleep inside the house when the incident occurred.

She told Solomon Star in an interview that she was looking after her sister’s kids, who was away to another village with her one of her kids.

“So only five of us were at home sleeping when the fire broke out.”

The incident occurred between 9-10pm in the night and they could not do much because it was dark and the fire was all over the house within minutes.

Ms Wale said they were unaware where, how and why the fire started.

She said when she realise the fire she quickly got the kids out of the house.

Ms Wale said because of the heat of the fire one of the kids was severely burnt during the process of escaping from the house.

She said the fire leveled the house, nothing was left behind, which turned the house into ruin and ashes.

The kids were immediately referred to National Referral Hospital (NRH) for emergency medical attention.

While most of the children have recovered, one of the younger one who was injured from the fire is still recovering.

She is currently under medical observation at the NRH.

Ms Wale said it was a blessing that there was no death during the incident.

Meanwhile Empower Pacific, a volunteer group that assist kids at the hospital’s children’s ward, have launched a public appeal to support the four (4) kids that survived the fire.

Empower Pacific has stepped in to facilitate help for the victims so that they can return to their village.

The group welcomed any help and donation through clothings, mix goods and household items to support the family rebuild their lives.

Should you wish to help, call Empower Pacific on 30065.