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Disaster awareness at Kodili

27 June 2018
NDMO Deputy Director Hotoravu Alenge distributing pamphlets to kids on Monday.

THE National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is participating at the Kodili Festival in Buala, Isabel Province, which opened, Monday.

The NDMO team was deployed both by outboard motor (OBM) on Sunday 24th and via Solomon Airline Flight on Monday 25th ahead of the official opening on Monday afternoon.

“This festival is an opportunity for the office to conduct a general disaster awareness to the public of Isabel Province,” a statement from NDMO said.

Speaking from Buala, the provincial disaster officer for the province, Oliver Hiromana said the NDMO team will support the provincial disaster management office during this awareness week. 

“I appreciate the commitment and support my national office had given to the provincial disaster management office on this event,” he added.

Whilst at Buala, the team will operate under the leadership of the provincial disaster officer.

NDMO through the provincial disaster management office has organised a stall within the festival village.

Along with the week-long awareness, the NDMO team with two drone experts will also conducting a drone fly over during the event at the festival village for mapping purposes and also to film the event.