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28 June 2018
A council law enforcement officer checking out the public buses during their operation on Wednesday.

Short route buses targeted again



CITY Council law enforcement officers are back on the road cracking down on buses taking shorter routes.

A number of buses that are on the council’s list met their fate when law enforcement officers caught up on them.

“We have a list of buses that are known for taking shorter routes,” one law enforcement officer told the Solomon Star, Wednesday.

“We have been monitoring them in the last few days,” he added.

“Today, we are taking action on them.”

Officers waited at the central Honiara bus bay for those targeted.

As soon as they pulled in, officers approached the drivers and ordered them to drive to the City Council office.

“What drivers need to know is this is an ongoing operation.

“Members of the public have been reporting to us buses that are taking shorter routes.

“We also monitor and check them up.

“When the time comes, we move in and deal with them directly.

“So the message to bus drivers running shorter routes is this: we are monitoring you and we will get to you,” the law enforcement officer said.

He urged all bus drivers to comply with the council’s designated bus routes to avoid arrest.


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