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Gina new Western premier

04 July 2018
The premier elect of Western province, David Gina.

The Western Province has a new Premier. He is, David Gina, a fifty-seven year old former Lands Administrator and Government Public Servant.

Mr Gina collected a total of fifteen votes with the only rival his ward colleague, Ramraka Talasasa with eleven votes in runner up position, during a secret ballot session in the first full Assembly meeting in Gizo on Tuesday.

As the only business of this special session, newly elected Speaker, Sina Adrian, conducted the secret ballot which, was held at the conference centre administration building next to Gizo Police headquarters.

A little over a hundred people including civil servants were outside the main office block for announcement and declaration from the Speaker.

The final outcome and announcement ended weeks of heated lobbying from the two main camps in the twenty-six member assembly.

The  election outcome also ended days of much speculations of MPAs reportedly switching camps before the final vote yesterday.

Ramraka polled 11 of his very loyal members whilst the remaining lot went to the new Premier.

In his acceptance speech soon after declaration the new premier promised to lead the province with strong conviction and determination.

He told the crowd witnessing his election of his vision which was to see the Western province moving forward.

He said in no uncertain terms that all of the Western citizen must embrace a new lease on doing something and be useful to do something for the province, despite of all the challenges and demand of today.

He thanked civil servants, police, nurses, and everyone for their continued support.

The new premier said he would later this week announce names of his new executive so work must continue.

Premier Gina, has been an appointment regarded history to the Roviana public, as he is the first reaching the high office since independence.

The new Premier has been contesting more than four previous provincial and general elections. He represented Ward fifteen, . He is from Kindu village west end of Munda, but reside at Sasavele village in the Roviana Lagoon.

Mr Gina was voted in to the Provincial Assembly during Provincial Elections last month.

He is a private businessman engaged in the lumber industry, loading of round logs- stevedoring. He is married with several grownup children and a number grandchildren.

By Brian Beti