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Gina proposes key reform

09 July 2018
Newly elected premier of Western province, David Gina.

The newly elected Premier of the Western Province has proposed a number of reforms especially in the revenue sector so the Province can collect much needed funds to help facilitate the level of services which at present appear as having little effect in the rural villages.

Speaking  to journalists at the side lines at a  swearing –ceremony of newly appointed members of the new  Executive yesterday, Premier David Gina,  outlined  of number of drastic measures  to be undertaking which he explained will be part of overall reform and restructure of existing revenue source in the province.

This include the logging sector, general revenue collection through substation, business flow, as well as the Province’s business arm, the Western Province Investment Corporation – WPIS , among others.

He said his policy outline proposed to be announced at the first full Executive next week is to give due prominence on these key revenue source as they form the fabric of the Province’s economy.

He said the Western Province should be a self enriched Province but often the processes and regulations are undermined by previous governments purely on self interest.

“ The West should be a leader in terms of revenue however that seemed to be totally opposite.”

Among the priorities the new Government topped in its lists of work was to undertake serious restructuring of the WPIC processes and how it has been managed from the time it was first registered as the Province’s business arm.

He said the Investment has often been seen a “garden” for the board in the past if chaired by the Premier.

“This must stop, the new Executive propose to employ a full time Manager so that the WPIS is ran as a business instead of a Premier is the chairman with no end to spending much needed money.”

On the logging industry, Premier Gina proposes to grant fewer licenses unlike before two to three licenses holder all vying for one single logging concession.

“ There has to be a control on this.”

The Premier said his executive like to introduce new control as a way to manage the Province’s level on revenue collection.

The businesses sector such retail and whole sale activity should involve a lot more by locals. “We cannot afford to see the business sector is control by foreign merchant.”

He it is important local businesses will be assisted.

He said the new Executive intends to impose new measure such as introducing new ordinance as way to ran the province as a service deliverer but at the same time it should be able to live to the capacity of getting revenue and deliver services in the rural sector.

A major task which is expected under the proposed new reforms is to increase the delivery capacity of substation across the Western Province.

He said the Executive likes to see that sub stations undertake a fair amount of tasks and responsibility to stop the flow on centralized services. “We should Administrators and also revenue clerks back in sub stations to help the rural sector livelier.”

He said that the Western Province is quite capable doing timely delivery of service but over the years this seemed to have dysfunctional.

He told a news conference that the new Executive intends to introduce changes as part of overall reform across key sectors.

Meanwhile the line up of the new executive are as follows;

  • Hon. David Gina, Premier & Minister for State & Local Govt Affairs.
  • Hon. Christian Mesepitu, Deputy Premier & Minister for Planning Economic Development Affairs.
  • Hon. Jenning Movobule, Minister of Finance & Treasury.
  • Hon. Brisbane Amatore, Minister for Education & Human Resources Development
  • Hon. Sutcliffe George, Minister for Energy, Natural Resources n Environment
  • Hon. Alesina Redfern, Minister for Fisheries & Marine Resources.
  • Hon. Isaac Vula Tatapu, Minister for Trade, Commerce & Investment.
  • Hon. Oelyn Muala, Minister for Women, Youth, Sports n Gender balance.
  • Hon. Ron Kituru Ghemu, Minister for Culture Tourism & Climate Change
  • Hon. Goldie Nunala, Minister for Health & Rural Water Supply.
  • Hon. Billy Bro, Minister for Lands & Housing & Physical Planning.
  • Hon. Joseph Qorae, Minister for Transport, Works & Public Utilities.
  • Hon. Jenty Isaac, Minister for Agriculture Livestock & Forestry.