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TSI praises suspension of lands commissioner

09 July 2018

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands has described the suspension of the Commissioner of Lands, Nelson Naoapueffective 3rd July 2018as a step in the right direction.

In a statement, TSI said the decision was in line with the fight against the level of corruptionthat is thriving in the Ministry of Lands and Housing (MLH) for long time and continues to do so despite the patchwork changes that have been made to the legislation through advice of advisors who truly do not know what they are doing.

“What the ministry needs is an overhaul of State land Administration /Management and tighter disciplinary regimes dealing with official corruption,” TSI said.

Whilst welcoming the decision, TSI urges that the suspended Commissioner of Land is accorded natural justice and given the opportunity and the protection he needs to expose what he knows.

“There are two sides to this and most officers go into these positions squeaky clean but through pressure by another party, politicians and their cronies further compounded by unscrupulous business men and women and bribery eventually fall.

“TSI also calls on responsible authorities to carefully examine the work of the LandBoard and its membership as the board to ensure no stones left unturned.

“Of the many complaints raised by clients, most rest with the decisions of the Board not knowing what pieces of information they will need before allocating land.

“The public must be made aware of what is their role and what information do they need from the applicants and from the Ministry to enable them make decision.

“We have sighted documents where Fixed Term Estate titles were transferred, and title holders said to be dead while they are still alive.

“TSI commends the Administration Division of Ministry of Lands to investigate Lands Officers that award themselves a number of lands within Honiara and sell them off to the highest bidder and suspend them too.

“Let us make the call for re-direction by the Prime Minister a reality by dealing with the official corruption in the Ministry of Lands.”