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Vanuatu artist promotes plastic recycling

11 July 2018
Narsong Taleo

A VANUATU artist Narsong Taleo promoted recycling of plastic bottles through art at the 6th Melanesian Art and Cultural Festival at Panatina village that ended on Tuesday.

Mr Taleo, who has been campaigning against plastic, demonstrated some of his art work to visitors to turn plastic bottles into good use.

Some of the art work he demonstrated includes making simple chairs, flower holder, bags and crocodile.

He said in Vanuatu they are now adopting ban of plastic to protect ocean life and every Melanesian country should take pride in leading the campaign against the use of plastic.

“Plastics always ended up into the ocean which is a big threat to the marine life because plastic cannot be rotten.”

He said one way of protecting our ocean life from plastic is recycling plastic into good use.

“We can turn plastic into hand bags and plastic bottles into simple chairs or turn them into arts,” he said.

Mr Taleo not only participated in traditional show but worked hard to turn all the plastic bottles consumed by the Ni-Vanuatu delegation into something useful.

“As you can see the simple chair, flower holder and art of crocodile are all made from plastic bottles we drink,” he told interested visitors who visited his stall.

He said it is overwhelming to see many people showing interest to recycle plastic into good use.

Mr Taleo said as a young artist he was happy to be part of the Vanuatu delegation to exhibit his art work at the 6th Melanesian Art and Cultural Festival.