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Call to honour vision of nation’s founders

12 July 2018
CBSI Governor, Denton Rarawa.

SOLOMON Islanders are urged to honour the vision of the founders of the nation.

Central Bank governor Denton Rarawa made the call in his speech during the launch of the new $40 banknote and coloured two dollar coin.

“We must honour the vision of the founding fathers of this national by upholding unity, respect, tolerance, solidarity, compassion and work together to move the country forward,” Mr Rarawa stated.

“This occasion also marks the 40thanniversary of our Independence. Let me again remind us of the theme on our $40 note to ‘come together as one people and move the country forward’,” he stressed.

Mr Rarawa said he believed the theme of the launching, “Come together as one people and move the country forward” is the same message that the architects of our young nation had in mind when they negotiated our independence.

“This same message is the theme of our 40th anniversary celebrations,” he reiterated.

“It is also the message we have on our $40 banknote.

“Only when we come together and discuss our strengths, identify our weaknesses, assess our opportunities and evaluate our threats can we set and redirect our course for the next 40 years.

“Only when we work together as one people can we move our country forward.”

He also said the $40 note identifies potentials the nation hasin the tourism sector, given the country’s natural beauty and the abundance of land and marine resources.

“We need to have a vision, hard work and sacrifice to realise this potential,” he urged.

“Where we identify the need to reform our institutions, systems and practices we must follow through on these with relevant policies and actions.

“I have spoken about this during the launch of the 2017 CBSI annual report two months ago.

“I will continue to speak about the need to ‘reform to transform’ our country.”