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Palua faces the axe

13 July 2018
Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs George Palua.





THE Government is in the process of removing the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs George Palua for incompetency.

The move follows the sacking of his minister Commins Mewa for similar reasons.

Well-placed government insiders told the Solomon Star on Thursday Palua should receive his termination letter shortly.

“Palua will have to follow the minister because both of them failed to perform to government’s expectation,” insiders said.

Mewa’s removal became known early this week after the government announced his replacement.

Ishmael Avui, the MP for East Central Guadalcanal, is now the new Home Affairs minister.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs, under the leadership of the minister and his permanent secretary, was tasked to lead the country’s preparation for the 2023 Pacific Games,” insiders said.

“These two men failed to perform, and as a result, things have not progressed.

“Therefore, Prime Minister Rick Hou has to step in early this year and set up a sub-committee under the officer of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to spearhead the SPG preparations.

“The government is serious and cannot tolerate ministerial heads who failed to perform.

“Mewa and Palua are two examples,” the government insiders said.

In fact, according to insiders, Mewa should have been removed earlier this year.

Insiders also revealed Mewa and Palua failed to get the ministry prepare well for next year’s national election.

“Under their leadership, there’s been little progress in the preparation for the voter registration.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs has important and urgent tasks to do so it requires proactive leaders to be there,” insiders said.

Palua could not be located for comments  on Thursday.




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