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16 July 2018
Opposition leader Manasseh Maelanga wants the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services sacked.

Opposition wants PS sacked

The Parliamentary opposition group has reiterated their call for the removal of the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Dr Tenneth Dalipanda.

This came amidst the current health crisis faced by the National Referral Hospital – the acute medicine shortage.

In a statement yesterday, Opposition Leader Manasseh Maelanga said the drug shortage had in actual fact worsened since his call and following several concerns raised by the public urging the government to prioritize it (see page 3).

“The Opposition Group is gravely concerned that the shortage has prompted potentially harmful mix-up of medication as nurses and doctors work their best to substitute commonly-used drugs for patient treatment,” the statement said.

Yumi Toktok Forum yesterday also reported that, Prime minister Rick Hou has ordered an inquiry into the acute medicine shortage.

Government sources told the social media group that the inquiry will be made into the reasons behind the lack of medicine in the hospitals, since it was first raised a month ago.

“Since then, the PM has been ill advised on the issue and was told the situation was under control until last night when he was made aware of the seriousness of the issue.

“At the same time the health PS has been summoned twice already.

“Government sources said the PM was informed, that the issue is not because of lack of funding but because of discrepancies in procurement processes by ministry officials,” the forum has reported.

It added that, the Government has taken the situation seriously and has done all it can to address the acute medicine shortage which has caused widespread calls to terminate the Minister and Permanent Secretary of the Health Ministry for the predicament.

The government sources told the forum that, the Health minister and his PS are likely to face the axe.

In another twist to the Health crisis, Solomon Business Magazine was told yesterday that the National Referral Hospital is not only running out of drugs but it is using expired medicine to treat patients.

“The sensational revelation comes as the hidden drug crisis hits public sphere – with many receiving it with anger.

“The social media has gone viral and there are calls for a united action to bring the problem to government attention,” the online news outlet was quoted, as said.

It was understood that health authorities are now working hard to bring urgent drugs by air and sea in the period from now until September.


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