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Dausabea on drug shortage

17 July 2018
Charles Dausabea (Left) says the PM Rick Hou needs to stop traveling as a tourist and address the drug shortage at the National Referral Hospital.

THE Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) has accused Prime Minister, Rick Hou, for downplaying the drug shortages crisis at National Referral Hospital.

This came after Mr Hou said NRH has not reached a crisis points in its drug shortages as reported in the media.

Charles Dausabea, who is outspoken on national interests, claimed there is a crisis at NRH because struggling patients have to pay for medicines.

“It’s not a crisis for the PM, but are real crisis for the struggling families,” he said.

Mr Dausabea said he even paid for his medicine at NRH because there are no free medicines.

He said the prime minister needs to stop traveling as a tourist overseas in order to address the drug shortages at NRH.

“Why it takes so long to address the procurement of the medicines overseas.

“The procurement issue had happened last year and still continues this year. This shows the government is incapable to address the issue,” he said.

Furthermore, Dausabea, said the Minister of Health and Medical Services, Dr Kaitu’u Angikimua should come out and explain the drug shortages at NRH instead of the Prime Minister shrugging it off in media.

However, Mr Hou told media on Sunday that their drug shortage situation is now under control.

“We have all the critical drugs needed at the NRH with the final stocks to be cleared this week.

“The Anesthetic drugs will be in stock as soon as they are air-freighted into the country on priority freight,” he said.

Furthermore, Mr Hou said the essential drugs will be with the national medical stores by August.

“The emergency drugs will be air-freighted in over the next couple of weeks to provide stock for the whole country.

“Our primary order will be in the country in August with the complete supply to be in the country in early September,” he added.