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19 July 2018
Some of the members of the 'One Shot Photography' team.

A GROUP of photographers Wednesday took to the street in Honiara to take photos of local citizens holding a flyer calling on the government to address the current drug situation affecting the country’s health system.

Members of a local photographers group who called themselves ‘One-more-shot’ team walked through the street from Honiara City Council all the way to Anthony Saru with a flyer bearing various messages.

Some of the flyers had some powerful messages like; ‘SIG to act before mortality rate rises,’ ‘Sick innocent citizens are now suffering of pain,’ ‘Act now SIG’ and few others more.

These flyers have been photographed with individuals holding on to the flyers along the street. Some of these photos have been uploaded on the social media.

One-More-Shot spokesman Edward Manuga said the photo-shot is part of an advocacy for locals to know the people’s health is at risk because of the drug scarcity currently facing the National Referral Hospital (NRH).

He said as the concern citizens of this country the drug shortage is an issue, and all citizens must call on the government and other business houses to act now to mitigate the drug issue.

“As a volunteer photographer I want to do this street photo shot as part of an advocacy to spread the message to SIG to act sooner before more lives are being lost.”

He said a two year old kid died early this week due to lack of medicine.

“And this make us as photographers to advocate using our passion to help people in Solomon Islands to stand up and put pressure on government to act now,” he said.

The one-more-shot photographer team is a group volunteer photographers who are part of the Photo-Up New-Look Facebook Group.

They consists of youths and adults that are being inspired by their passion as photographers to help people in need of financial support and to advocate for certain issues affecting Solomon Islands.

These photographers recently raised funds for young Peter Sidi few months ago for his medical review in Australia.

With the current drug situation facing the hospital the group said they want to be part sending the message to others that the current situation is very desperate for this country.

Meanwhile, its understood the Ministry of Health and Medical Service (MHMS) is working very hard to get the replacement stock into the national medical store and the hospitals and clinics.

Prime Minister, Rick Hou, early this week said some of the stocks have arrived last week awaiting clearance with some supplies expected to arrive soon.



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