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Concert to buy medicine

19 July 2018
Benjamin Afuga

THE newly established Honiara Bands Association (HBA) is planning to organise a two day live band concert to raise money for the National Referral Hospital (NRH) this weekend.

The group which, is a newly formed association was recently established to become voice for all live bands in Honiara.

The event will be hosted based on the theme -“HBA for NRH”.

Speaking to Solomon Star on Wednesday, chairperson Benjamin Afuga said that the fundraising effort is purposely to raise funds and donate to NRH so that NRH authorities can quickly purchase locally available medicines/drugs for the National Referral Hospital (NHR) which is currently facing an acute shortage of very basic medicines.

Mr Afuga said that HBA believes that the acute medicine shortage is a communal responsibility because all responsible citizens are entrusted with a duty of care to ensure the issue is resolved.

“We believe that live music has the potential to draw huge crowds and in turn raise necessary funds to purchase urgent basic medicines that can be bought from local pharmacies.”

The two days live concert will be hosted at Rove Police Club.

He explained that the program will involve HBA live bands, artists, string bands, panpipe bands, bamboo bands, choirs, custom dances, contemporary dances and even motivational talks.

“HBA wants to bring the whole family for a musical festival, enjoy and contribute something towards our National Referral Hospital and other HCC clinics.

“We humbly invite you to be part of this worthy cause.”

Mr Afuga said that vision of the HBA Vision is: To create, provide and develop positively life-changing characters through live music and other related activities.

“We believe that live music is a powerful entertainment and educational tool and core to everyone’s learning abilities and must be available to all gifted and talented musicians.

“Our Mission is: Be a catalyst to ensure that every musicians across Honiara have access and opportunity to participate in active live music performance. We will use our resources to provide national programs that recognize and support music.”

He explained they decided to pursue this worthy cause based on one of the association’s purposes and that is to conduct charitable activities for those in need during natural disasters and other difficult situations.

Mr Afuga said that invitation is now open and closes Friday 20th July midday it is open for all live bands, string bands, artists, panpipe bands, bamboo bands, choirs, custom dances, and contemporary dance crews to contact any of the following Executive members to register your group.

He added that so far popular local and regional Artist Jaro Local has indicated his willingness to support this worthy cause.

“We call on other renowned local artists, live bands, semi live bands and dance groups to participate for a worthy cause.

“This is a free cause and only bands/artists/dance groups who feel for the ailing situation can register their participation. HBA will not be responsible for any payment of performance.”

Mr Afuga said that HBA is seeking sponsorship from business houses and others including individuals who may want to assist to contact the Executive committee.