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Local Fulton community celebrates independence

19 July 2018
Members of the SI community in Fiji gather before the flag raising ceremony to mark the country's 40th Independence Anniversary.

THE Solomon Islands community in and around Nadi, Fiji, on Sunday 8th July celebrated the country’s 40th anniversary celebration.

The event commenced with a flag rising ceremony on Sunday morning. This was followed by a morning tea.

The ceremony was graced with the presence of about 100 local Adventist teachers who attended an educational leaders conference earlier in the week.

The program was followed by games and preparation of food through out the day.

The highlight of the event was the independence dinner later in the evening where everyone came and enjoyed their food along with speeches along with local jokes.

Speaking at the occasion head of the local cultural group at Fulton, Florence Fatai, thanked all those who attended the program especially the local teachers from the Solomon Islands who made the event much more special.

She said most of the times only the families of the students and supporters came together to be part of the celebration.

“But this is year’s celebration is much more special because of the presence of our local teachers,” she said.

The highlight of the event was the cutting of a cake baked by Bruce Potter who used to work in Betikama Adventist College but is now based in Fulton College.

The cake was baked in a Nguzunguzu like shape, which marvel everyone who attended the program.

Gravis Pitu chairman of the independence organising committee thanked all those who made the program possible.

He said there have been some doubts to host the program but through the support of the local students, staff, the visiting teachers and other supporters the program was possible.

He also thanked Mr Potter for being a strong supporter for the program.

The chairman further thanked the visiting teachers for their contribution and making the event much more special.

One of the main sponsors for the event was David Iro Fulaga who operates a transit near Fulton along with his business partner Global Image Holdings based in USA, Ram Kunwar.

They have contributed finance towards the dinner.

Pr Johnny Tango, a local lecturer working in Fulton thanked everyone for their contribution, time and effort towards the success of the program.

He said by coming together to celebrate and honour the event shows the commitment everyone has for their country, Solomon Islands.

Those who attended the program enjoyed the night because of the food and catching up with friends.

Most of the teachers have since returned to the country after the training over the past days.



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