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Police probe discovery of dead foetus at rubbish dump

25 July 2018

Police at the Naha Police Station in East Honiara are investigating a dead human foetus (unborn baby) found at the Ranadi Rubbish Dump in East Honiara on Sunday, 22 July 2018.

“The unborn male human foetus was discovered at the rubbish dump by a woman who was collecting waste food for her pigs soon after a Honiara City Council Wrings driver dropped off his load of rubbish on the morning of 22 July at the Ranadi Rubbish Dump,” explained Provincial Police Commander, Honiara City, Chief Superintendent, Alfred Uiga.

“A Police Forensic Officer and Naha Police Station investigators attended to the scene and removed the dead human foetus to the mortuary at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), the same morning.”

He adds: “A doctor has conducted an external examination of the dead foetus but is yet to provide a report on his findings.”

PPC Uiga has reminded women especially young girls, who may be faced with the problem of an unwanted pregnancy to seek counseling from a relative or a best friend who is willing to listen and assist them instead of resorting to getting rid of the foetus as has been done in this very sad case.

“As police continue with its investigation, I would like to appeal to any member of the public who may have any information that might assist the investigation to get in touch with Naha Police Station,” said Chief Superintendent Uiga.