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East road in bad state

25 July 2018
A police vehicle attempts to drive pass a deteriorating part of east road in Malaita. [Photo: John Kwalia]

THE current bad state of the east road in Malaita province has deprived the normal transport services for the people of east Malaita.

This has caused transport difficulties experienced by farmers and the traveling public to and from the eastern region of Malaita.

An east Malaita man, Jerry Simiga, has expressed the deteriorating condition of the road in East Malaita has discouraged transport service providers to scale down from their normal transport services.

Mr Simiga said the situation has affected many people in the area.

He added the situation has also led to the increase of truck fares for certain distances to and from Auki.

He added that hiring charge for vehicles has also increased, which forced passengers to dig deep into their pockets to meet transport expenses.

“At the moment the truck fare from Afio to Auki has increased from $100 to $200 per passenger.

“From Auki to Fausasa, it has increased from $50 to $150. These are issues that we are currently experiencing,” Mr Simiga said.

He blamed the poor condition of the roads from the continuous rainy weather for the increase in fares.

 He called on the responsible government authority to address the road issue.

“We hope our government leaders are aware of this situation and will address the road problem in east Malaita,” Mr Simiga said.

As result of the situation many passengers bound for east Malaita have been stranded in Auki for few days.

In Auki