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Tran’s drug assistance lauded

26 July 2018
West Honiara CDO, Brian Taupiru hands over the medication and drugs supply to one of the Nurses as other nurses and Deputy City Mayor, Eddie Ngava look on.

THE Honiara City Council (HCC) has thanked the Member for West Honiara Constituency, Namson Tran, for his kind heart in donating much needed drugs and medication supply to its three wards’ clinics in West Honiara.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Deputy Mayor Eddie Ngava thanked the West Honiara MP for his general donations.

“The MP not only supports the people of West Honiara, but those from Central Honiara, Guadalcanal province and other places,” Mr. Ngava said.

He said Mr. Tran has given the most of what little he has to save many lives and he should be appreciated and thanked.

Mr. Ngava said the drug shortage is a national issue and everyone should join hands to support in such cases as it is everyone’s duty.

“It's our responsibility to live a health lifestyle, healthy manner to avoid sick especially in such a situation like this so that we all help to minimize the attention to go to clinics,” he said.

He then thanked the hardworking nurses given the current situations where they experienced difficulties in providing the much needed services, yet they continue to carry out their duties to serve people.

A female nurse at White River said the drug supply would help relieve them because over the past weeks they felt sorry for the patients who had to buy their own drugs.

“Some of them had to come back to us saying that they have no money to buy medication as it is too expensive; We felt really sorry for them,” she said.

But, with the assistance by Tran, it would help them provide the service even better, whilst awaiting the arrival of the drugs supply at the National Medical store, she said.



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