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Victim survives nasty accident

27 July 2018
The vehicle involved in the accident. [Photo: Biri'au Wilson Saeni]

AN elderly man escaped death after being mowed down by a moving vehicle in Auki, Malaita province on Thursday afternoon.

The nasty accident left the Auki public in shock after the hilux, allegedly driven by a drunk male driver struck the elderly man from the roadside.

The accident took place at around 2pm opposite the old Auki police post.

Initial reports stated the victim was standing with two others beside the road when the hilux swayed towards them, struck the victim and dragged him (victim) on to the main road.

Bystanders helplessly watched in horror as the victim got stuck under the vehicle and was dragged away.

The hilux only stopped when members of the public and the police who witnessed the accident yelled at the male driver.

They rushed to the hilux, pulled out the victim and was rushed to Kilu'ufi hospital in a cab.

According to eyewitness’ accounts, the hilux was traveling out of the road when it hit the victim before turning back into the middle of the road.

The driver who obviously appeared drunk was pulled out of the vehicle by police, where he was escorted to the station for further questioning before being detained.

An investigation is now underway and the suspect is likely to be charged.

Meanwhile, information received from Kilu'ufi hospital late on Thursday afternoon confirmed the victim has survived the near death accident.

The man is now in a stable condition.

In Auki