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28 July 2018
Director of Environment Joe Horokou. [Photo: Maeni Comfort]


LACK of an environmental management plan is delaying the much awaited mining operation at Gold Ridge in central Guadalcanal to commence.

This clarification following queries from lot of people who want to join the mining operation at Gold Ridge when it commences operation.

However, in a brief interview with the paper this week, director for environment, Joe Horokou, maintains that unless Gold Ridge Mining Limited (GRML) produces a satisfactory environmental management plan and submit it to the government, no mining operation will take place in central Guadalcanal.

“The ministry is still waiting for the environmental management plan from GRML,” he said.

Mr Horokou explained this management plan is an important development element in every mining operation and so the ongoing work to finalize the draft plan by GRML is what he suspected as the reason why mining operation is delayed.

Mr Horokou maintains the government sticks to the agreement that a reliable plan must be in place and without that there will be no operation.

He added that experts engaged by the company are working on finalizing the blueprint document.

The GRML few months ago had relocated villagers living in the pits to allow for operations.

Already there are also work on the infrastructures such as roads and other facilities to prepare the Mine to commence fully operations.



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