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‘Disregard for livelihood’

27 July 2018
Extensive amounts of oil spilled on the seawater surface between Kakabona and Bogehe beach.

A Forestry expert describes the releasing of oil into the ocean by a logging company operating in North West Guadalcanal as a deliberate disregard for nature and human beings.

Last weekend he witnessed extensive amounts of oil, spilled on the seawater surface between Kakabona and Bogehe beach in North West Guadalcanal.

He observed that the illegal pollution was done by those manning a logging barge floating in the area during the weekend.

The expatriate who want his name withheld told the paper that he also checked the Forestr Act, which he concluded that the company and more especially responsible licensee failed to comply with what they’re required of.

He pointed out in Europe such action subject to a very heavy fine.

“I checked the legislation, the Forest Resources and Timber Utilization Act. They’re breaking the law,” he explained.

He said, the Act stipulates that they must take all necessary steps to prevent pollution on the ground and any water source, and what they’re doing is against the law because they’re not preventing pollution.

“It shows they’re not complying with Solomon Island’s forest law, “a careless, deliberate disregard for nature and human being. They don’t do that by accident but by purpose,” he added.

“They cleaned their tanks and machine into the ocean, and seem nobody is checking on them.”

 He observed that licensees and companies involved are probably not considerate, regarding impacts of unscrupulous logging activities on sustainable livelihood of the effected communities, because relevant laws are not actually enforced.

He said, that is why the media is so important in a country such as Solomon Islands to report on the issue, and also people in the affected communities have to report it to law enforcers.

“Every citizen must report such wrong doing,” he said.



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