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Man calls on MP to quit

01 August 2018
Nemuel Olofisau

A Fataleka man calls on the current Member of Parliament (MP) for Fataleka, Steve Abana to quit politics following what he claimed as failing the constituents for the last three terms in office.

Nemuel Olofisau, from Waole community in East Fataleka in an interview with the Solomon Star in Auki, Tuesday expressed its time for Mr. Abana to quit politics and give way for new any leader to represent Fataleka electorate in the next government.

Mr. Olofisau who described the current Fataleka MP as an invisible MP, claimed the Fataleka MP hardly visited rural communities in his electorate for past three terms in parliament.

“Even children that we teach in our rural schools don’t know who our current MP is, and most of us don’t even know what he looks like because we never saw him in real life.”

He stated that the second reason why they want their MP to quit politic is that, for the past 12 years, Fataleka people has no voice in the parliament because their MP always remain silent when it comes to discussing issues affecting this country.

“We hardly hear our MP speak on important issues affecting our country.

 “Fataleka people are famous for talking, we always want to talk, and discussing issues affecting us, and we want to see any MP that represents us the people of Fataleka to contribute to debates in parliament.

“The voice of Fataleka people has been missing in the parliament for the past three terms when he represents us.”

Mr. Olofisau said when it comes to development; there is nothing to show for in Fataleka as the electorate is yet to benefit from any major development.

“Only roofing iron were distributed to the supporters, which does not change anything in Fataleka electorate.”

He pointed out because of lack of fund to turn the roofing into into a house, most people are living on their roofing iron instead of living under it.

He further claimed others have already sold their roofing iron for cash.

Olofisau said its time people of the constituency must elect someone who can represent them in parliament, contribute to debates and fight for national development to happen in the constituency.

In Auki