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03 August 2018

A YOUNG mother in her 20s has died instantly, after being struck by a lightning on Wednesday, in a remote community in Baegu, North-East Malaita.

The unfortunate incident happened at Lobau village, in the highlands of Baegu, when the innocent mother was doing domestic work outside their family home.

Information reaching Solomon Star Auki claimed that the mother of two children died on the spot, which came as a shock to members of her family.

“The mother died in a sudden lighting strike.

“Her family members were alerted of the incident, when they heard a big thunderous bang.

“They were in total disbelief, after seeing what has happened to the young mother,” the report from a close relative, stated.

It was also being reported that the family of the victim were in shock, as this is the very first time that they have actually came across such incident, in their family and community.

Family members after seeing the victim laying on the ground rushed to assist her, but unfortunately, there is nothing they can do to help save her.

A village chief from the nearby Lagoe community when contacted by this paper yesterday confirmed the incident.

He said, lighting has claimed the life of a young mother, at Lobau community.

The chief also stated that the Baegu-Asifola electorate has experienced thunderstorm nearly whole of Tuesday night.

“The thunderstorm has continued on till Wednesday morning.

“Just before 12:00pm on that same day, the storm clears away.

“We are saddened to learn of the young mother’s death,” the chief said.

Her death comes as a surprise to the Lagoe community as well, the chief said.

Meanwhile, he also shares his condolences with the immediate family of the victim.

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