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Briefing on national security strategy

03 August 2018
Members of the Parliamentary Committee on Police and National Security pose for a photograph with members of the National Security Division after their meeting at Parliament Complex on Wednesday.

The national security division of the Ministry of Police National Security and Correctional Services met on Wednesday at Parliament with the Parliamentary Committee on Police & Security to brief them on the progress work in formulating and development the national security strategy.

Attending the meeting were the chairman of the committee Member of Parliament for West Kwara’ae Sam Iduri and committee members, Member of Parliament for North East Guadalcanal Dr Derek Sikua, Member of Parliament for Aoke & Langalanga Matthew Wale and Member of Parliament for Rannoga/Simbo Charles Sigoto.

In his presentation to the committee Director of national security division David Diosi, outlined the purpose and objective of the national security strategy which the division is working on as mandated by Solomon Islands Cabinet and the consultations held so far.

He added the current work to date in developing the strategy, the report has identified the four key pillars underlying their work.

These include security, that is protecting sovereignty, peace and the Solomon Islands people, Government which is ensuring the stability of the Government and political system,   economy which is safeguarding the nation’s economic prosperity and resources and society which involves, protecting the national citizens, communities and culture.

Mr Diosi emphasised the importance of political support from the government to move forward on the national security strategic framework and the need for closer work cooperation amongst all law enforcement agencies to effectively address security issues of priority concern.

Consultant for national security division Bernard Bata’anisia, informed the meeting that the division held over 30 consultation visits and meetings with various stakeholders through out the country over the past year and this year, seeking their views and comments on the security challenges facing the country and the feed backs received which were analysed and helpful in the development of the strategy.

The secretary of the border security and management in the office of the prime minister and cabinet John Wasi, also briefed the committee on the developments at the border and on-going consultations undertaken to addressing the border situation.

Those who attended meeting were very appreciative of the meeting and the information provided on the work involving the national security strategy.


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