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Special voting booth for people with disabilities

03 August 2018
Chief Electoral Officer, Mose Saitala.

People with Disability will have special booths at every polling station during the upcoming national general election.

This was confirmed by the Chief Electoral Officer Mose Saitala during a press conference to mark the partnership between Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC), Strengthening the Electoral Cycle in Solomon Islands Phase II (SECSIP), Solrice and People with disability on Monday.

Mr Saitala said this initiative was considered to make life more significant for people with disabilities during the national election.

He said from the previous elections people with disabilities have experienced difficulties when lining up to cast their votes.

He said to make life more easy for them the election commission will allocate special booths for them where they can go straight and cast their votes.

A representative of the Association of People with Disabilities of Solomon Islands (APDSI) was very happy to be part of the initiative.

She said the members of the association will take this responsibility with smiles and are excited to participate in the national general elections.

“I thank you all for partnering with us and we are looking forward for the election,” she said.

As part of engaging the people with disabilities they have been helping out in inserting voters’ awareness leaflets into the self-adhesive envelopes on 20kg bag of Solrice.




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