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70 homes for Sikaiana families

03 August 2018
Martin Kealoe [Photo: Parliament of SI]

A TOTAL of 70 houses built under the housing scheme of Malaita Outer Island (MOI) constituency have been completed, says Member of Parliament (MP) Martin Kealoe.

In an exclusive interview on Thursday, Kealoe said these 70 houses were from the island of Sikaiana alone.

Mr Kealoe described the completion of the family homes as ‘a big achievement’ under his housing scheme.

“This is a big achievement for the constituency, since this is one of the dreams of the people back in the island, who cannot afford to build a shelter to house their families,” he said.

The MP revealed that the buildings were two-bedroom houses with a huge veranda that can cater for each family.

He added that, the project did not only provide copper like the case of other constituencies.

However, the scheme provides for full supply of building materials including copper, which each family is entitled to.

The MOI MP said, the housing scheme will continue as this is one of the major projects that aim to improve the livelihoods of his constituents, whichhave been struggling for so many years to build a decent home.

A similar housing scheme was also being done in Honiara, where some of the constituents legally owned land to build houses, he said.

In Lord Howe Island, Mr Kealoe said the people there choose other form of projects like canteen, boats and engine, plus other forms of livelihood projects.

He concluded that the Housing Scheme is an ongoing project, which will continue during his current term and even in the next four years, once he retains his parliamentary seat.