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Guadalcanal, Makira days celebrated

06 August 2018
Students parading at Visale Mission station. [Photo: John Toki]

Students and teachers of Visale community high School and DIVIT rural training Centre in Northwest Guadalcanal have marked Guadalcanal and Makira days together in style, for the first time.

On Friday the two schools organised a time out for the students and teachers to come together and celebrate the two important days for the two provinces.

The reason to celebrate the Makira day with Guadalcanal was because students and other people from Makira were there doing their studies at DIVIT.

Bryan Tuva MPA for Sahalu ward said that this is the first time ever to host such a celebration and he is happy with that.

“What I see here today is unity in celebration.

“I am really happy that we celebrate these two days together,” MPA Tuva said.

During the occasion, students engaged in sporting activities and cultural dances. 

Students, teachers and people of Visale have come out in good number to join together and taking part in the activities organised to mark those important days.



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