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07 August 2018
Charles Dausabea

OUTSPOKEN president of the Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) Charles Dausabea is not seeking re-election in the upcoming annual general meeting (AGM) set for tomorrow at Mendana hotel.

Mr Dausabea who has been leading the pressure group since 2008 confirmed he will not seek for re-election to allow others to lead the group.

He said he was happy to lead the group for the past ten years in voicing out the concerns and issues affecting the country.

Mr Dausadea said he has been volunteering himself to raise issues of national interest and it is now time for him to move on.

He said he was happy that during his term they have raised issues that bring justice to the people.

The former East Honiara Member of Parliament (MP) highlighted that some of the issues raise includes 22 shipment of gold by St Barbra, beach-de-mer saga, NPF issues with Tavanipupu resort, taking government to court on behalf of the resource owners of Malaita Outer Islands and raising issues over NPF which led to the increase of 20 percent dividend.

He said MFF will continue its ongoing watchdog role to ensure transparency and accountability exist in the country.

The private businessman said MFF is a non-governmental organization and all the jobs they are doing are based on sacrifice, dedication and commitment.

He reminds those who will be elected to lead the group to put in front of them that their work will be based on volunteerism.



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