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Eyewitness: Lightening caught homemade antenna before killing mother

08 August 2018

THE lightning that struck and killed a woman in her 20s in Baegu Asifola last in Malaita province last week initially caught a homemade antenna before striking the victim.

Information received from close relatives and eyewitnesses claimed the lightening first caught the homemade antenna which was designed to catch FM radio channels.

It then ran through the naked wire and killed the woman on the ground who was outside the home.

An eye witness told the Solomon Star in Auki that the homemade FM antenna was installed about 10 meters high above the roof.

The naked wire, which was attached to the antenna caught the lightening, burnt the roofing iron (copper) that were exposed to the naked wire, before striking the victim who was doing house chores outside the house.

The victim who is a mother of two kids was standing on the ground towards the receiving end of the homemade antenna on a wet surface when the lightening struck her dead.

One of the eyewitness said her two children and the father who remained indoor in their living house were safe.

The shocking incident took place last week Thursday at around 9am at Lobau village in the highlands of Baegu Asifola.

In Auki