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Bloody Ridge Park a true mark for peace, unity and friendship

09 August 2018
Taiwan delegation with NRH delegation at the Taiwan Health centre, Wednesday.

THE United States (US) deputy chief of mission, Bernard Link says the concept design of the Bloody ridge national peace park is a testament to peace, unity and friendship, thanks to the government of Solomon Islands for designating the site.

Mr Link said the dedication of the site was made following the 2014 visit to Honiara and Bloody ridge by veteran and then – Secretary of State John Kerry.

“Last year Ambassador Ebert Gray welcomed this decision which she said “preserves the legacy of those who fought and died to make Bloody Ridge hallowed ground.”

Mr Link said it was and continues to be a deep honour for Americans to have that site permanently recognised and preserved by the Solomon Islands government.

“The commandant of the 75th anniversary of the battle for Guadalcanal last year, considered the site so important to the U.S marine orps that he took a small container of soil with him to remember his visit.”

He said Solomon Island’s proposal also commemorates the achievements secured by reconciliation among the combatants of World War II.

“Since that dedication, the Americans battlefield monuments commission who maintains the inspiring Skyline memorial sent a team of experts from around the world to conduct a feasibility study about constructing and maintaining a monument at Bloody ridge,” he said.

He added in a week filled with meetings with stakeholders and visits to historical sites across Guadalcanal, they were heartened by the Solomon Islands government’s commitment to the site and have since provided their report to the commission’s board of commissioners for further consideration.

“Beyond constructing monuments and memorials, in order to sustain the peace and prosperity that was so dearly done, it’s up to all of us to maintain the partnership forged on this island 76 years ago,

“So let us continue to honour the legacy of the veterans of the pacific theatre and their families through our work to build a better global community marked by freedom, equality, and peaceful coexistence among nations,” he added.