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Auga praised for fixing road

09 August 2018
Lau Mbaelelea constituency machines doing maintanence work in Ward 6 early this week.

COMMUNITIES in ward six (6) in Lau/Mbaelelea constituency of north Malaita have praised their member of parliament (MP) Augustine Auga for facilitating road maintenance since last week.

The maintenance work featured grading and re-graveling of roads in wards 6 and 10.

Both of the roads totaling 10 kilometres are in a bad state.

Speaking to the Solomon Star Malaita provincial assembly (MPA) member for ward 6 Stanley Kitofu on behalf of his people acknowledged Mr Auga for responding positively to repair the roads in Lau/Mbaelelea.

He said the repair work had offered more reliable transport services to and from Auki.

“Since last week communities in ward 6 and transport operators have acknowledged the road maintenance.

“Now vehicles servicing the north road are enjoying part of the road which have been fixed,” he said.

Mr Kitofu said repair work is the result of working together between communities, workers, leaders in ward 6 and the MP.

Mr Kitofu acknowledged participating communities who responded voluntarily in preparing everyday meal for the contractors.

Meanwhile, Mr Auga calls on ministry of infrastructure and development (MID) to recognise such support from local road contractors who avail their time and resources in maintaining roads in the constituency.

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